Interviews Featuring Erin:

Interview with SD Voyager Magazine: 

Meet Erin Schaden of Erin Schaden Divorce Coaching & Mediation 

Interview with SPLIT FYI:

SPLIT FYI & Erin Schaden: Avoiding 'Living in the Van By the River' Scenario in Divorce | Splitting Smart

Interview with Katie Clunnen: 

What Does a Divorce Coach do - YouTube

The Use of Scripting in the Divorce Process - YouTube

The Difference Between Co Parenting Coaching and Co Parenting Therapy - YouTube

Relationship Coaching - YouTube

First Steps with a Divorce Coach - YouTube

Custody Mediation - YouTube

Assistance with Child Custody Mediation - YouTube

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Podcast with Professional Broadcast Network & Erin Schaden

Divorce Coaching & Mediation 


  1. Podcast by Celia Kibler: 
Pumped Up Parenting | The Best Advice that NO ONE ELSE GIVES YOU about Raising Kids in Today's World

Are You Thinking of Calling It Quits? 

2. Podcast by Cherie Morris: 

Special Guest Cherie Morris: Attorney, Certified Yoga Teacher, Mother and Writer Discusses Spirituality

3. Videos: 

Tips for Co-Parenting on Holidays

 How to Communicate with your ex 

4. O'Mara Law Group Stay At Home Mom Guide to Divorce:

Free Guide to Divorce