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Testimonial by Nicole

When considering coaching in the area of divorce, Erin is a cut above the rest. Her personal experience and practical knowledge coupled with a savvy and strategic mind is only exceeded by her beautiful soul. Erin has helped me through some of the most difficult moments in my life and has brought reason in the midst of great emotion. If you are dealing with a divorce, then I highly recommend Lotus Coaching and Mediation for a strategic and well thought approach. 

Testimonial by Katrina

I wish I had learned about a divorce coach and found Erin soon after my separation. It probably would have saved me a lot of costs in attorney fees. She helped take the emotion out of my decisions and frustrations. I needed someone to strategize with and she was the one I would reach out to before contacting my attorney. Erin helped put things in perspective and gave me other ideas that I didn’t think about, which helped calm my nerves through a difficult divorce and custody battle.

Testimonial by Carrie

I knew after a 15 minute phone call with Erin that there was no one else I'd want by my side as I approached leaving my husband.  It was very clear, early on, that Erin's wealth of experience and understanding of the divorce process was vast.  Erin is direct and sincere, her coaching and guidance helped me through some of the most delicate components of my divorce process - she taught me just how much details matter.  I always felt important to Erin, and got the sense that she'd drop everything to support me when I needed her most. I have since referred Erin to others, she was the best part of my divorce! I'm forever grateful for her strength, wisdom, and careful attention to me, my daughters and my case.

Testimonial by Jessie

Erin Schaden is the best! She is a loyal and genuine person with so much knowledge, strength, reliability, and great guidance on how to face, work through, and overcome challenges. I deeply value all of our conversations and am so grateful to have crossed paths with Erin.