The Joy of Getting Lost...

The Joy of Getting Lost...

We did that yesterday, got lost and enjoyed it. We took off to see the super bloom up in SLO county and we ended up driving around all day, just loving the time spent together, the sun, the music, the scenery and all the treasures (large and small) we found and enjoyed all day.

My daughter and I spent the day driving, somewhat aimlessly, to see the super bloom, off the beaten track, away from the throngs of people in search of same. I did not want to see the bloom with the masses of humanity, in fact, having to do so would have robbed me of most of the pleasure I would have received out of the endeavor.

Instead, we headed for parts less known and harder to find and for our efforts we were handsomely rewarded. We found a stream with pools large enough to swim, we marveled at the swallows who were active in their attention to their nests beneath the old, abandoned transom bridge.

We drove for miles and miles in the country, on roads with no traffic and lots of horses and goats. We talked of our recurrent dream to move away from all the people, and live peacefully in the country surrounded by nature and animals. It was decided that we should have chickens, horses, a cow or two, goats, a few sheep, a Lama, several Alpacas and a donkey for good measure.

This is our dream, she and I. I know it is unlikely to ever come to pass, as she will grow up and away and begin a life likely far away from her mother. But yesterday, she and I lived out the rest of our days, contentedly on a shared dream, on an ideal ranch in the middle of nowheresville. That is the best thing about dreams, they never have to come true, they can just exist in the confines of our mind, heart and soul forever.

We did find super blooms, many of them. Relatively free of people and crowds, and their attendant stress. We languished on road sides, taking in the sweet, heady aroma of lupines in full glory. We saw swaths of orange, pink, dark yellow, light yellow, purple and white. Our day was filled with sunshine, music and flowers. It was magic really.

What was even more impressive than the scenery of flora and fauna, was that my sixteen year old daughter would be willing to give up an entire Saturday to spend with me, going nowhere really known and enjoy herself. We ate and treasured hunted in off the beaten path antique and vintage stores. We laughed a lot and, at least I, relished in the warmth of the day in temperature as well as sentiment.

These are the days we pray for as parents. Whole days of being with your child, in even temper and peace. Enjoying the life you worked so hard to build while seeking solace and comfort away from all the trappings of that life.

We enjoyed getting lost and all the things you find when all your familiar is stripped away. I highly recommend spending a day with no plans, no agenda, no hope for anything but the absence of everything that pins you in place daily.

I love that kid. And I love that we share a love for the different and distant. I love that she loves music from my generation and that I can mostly enjoy music from hers. I love that we drove for miles and miles in peaceful abiding silence quickly followed by unhurried conversation then by uproariously laughter.

Oh, I do so enjoyed getting lost in the life I am so very privileged to have. It was a great day that will remain in my memory forever. Sometimes you have to get a little lost to find yourself in the middle of your own life again.

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